Welcome to my open source projects web site... This is the start page of all "my web things".

Last Projects

Okul 3D - Win32 (Unity 2017) 3d game. Download and test here. Google Play application is here.

School VR - Android (Unity 5.6) 3d simulation. Download APK here.

Mancala 3D - Android (Unity 5.5) board game. Download APK here.

derZil - School bell notify application, done with Android (basic4android). APK download, source code download.

eOgr 141 can be downloaded from here.

To follow my blender 3D animation, modelling and other stuff, click here blenderWorks.

Other Sites

My Blog site is here. Click for more links from me.

My other projects are listed here: sourceforge.net/projects/yunus

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